penciling your passion

Don’t just pencil in your passions as afterthoughts. Let them become what breathes life into each new day.

We all have things that light us up inside and fill us with energy and excitement. Activities, interests or roles that make us come alive and allow us to operate in our “zone.” These are our passions – the sources of joy, purpose and vitality unique to each of us. For many people though, pursuing their true passions can get pushed to the back burner. The realities of work, bills, family obligations and general busyness take over. Hobbies and callings dear to our hearts get shuffled aside as lower priorities. Before we know it, the spark within starts to fade.

That’s when life can start feeling flat, draining and unfulfilling. We’re just going through the motions, disconnected from activities that make us feel truly engaged and purposeful. A part of us knows we’re living beneath our potential for authentic happiness. The solution is to be more intentional about making room for passion, no matter how busy life gets. It doesn’t have to be everything you do, but prioritizing devoted time for your interests is essential self-care. What recharges you and gives you joy needs to be actively penciled into your schedule on a regular basis.

For some people, a passion is a hobby like art, writing, music, sports, gaming or something creative they adore. For others, it’s intellectual pursuits like reading, learning languages, researching topics of curiosity. It could be outdoor adventures, teaching others, volunteering or community work. Anything that allows you to light up! Pursuing passions provides so many amazing benefits. You rediscover what makes you feel inherently motivated from a place of enthusiasm instead of obligation. Interests that captivate your focus help quiet mental chatter and anxieties.

You get recharged with a sense of purpose. Reclaimed confidence and self-esteem blossoms. Making space for passion also teaches you a ton about yourself – your authentic voice, values, abilities and truth. Expressing those provides profound feelings of vitality. When you let more of your “true colors” shine through in the world, you start attracting people, opportunities and circumstances more aligned with who you really are. What often holds people back is fear – of embarrassment, vulnerability, failure, wasted time or resources. But denying what inspires you is far costlier in the long run. Your passions are what add spice, meaning and joy to everyday living. They bond you to the wonder and creativity of being a person. So don’t neglect the activities that set your heart on fire! Get creative about making them a consistent priority in both small and big ways. Let them revitalize you and inject more aliveness into each day. Because when you live with passion as fuel, you’ll look back with far fewer regrets about playing it too safe. Passions pursued are what make a life vibrantly lived. Now you know why The Border of a Mind is so dear to me. I put my soul into it.

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