excavating reservoirs of fortitude

 In trials you will find opportunities to discover just how heroically resilient and triumphantly unbreakable you can be.

Life inevitably brings difficulties, disappointments, and periods of upheaval that can make us feel demoralized or want to give up. Setbacks and struggle are an inescapable part of the human journey that test our strength.

During these trials, it’s natural for the mind to get flooded with limiting thoughts and toxic narratives. “This is too hard, I’ll never get through this. I’m just not strong enough. Everything is going wrong and it’s hopeless.” The intensity of the challenges we’re wading through makes the negativity loop feel impossible to quiet.

But giving in to that defeatist self-talk is ultimately self-sabotaging. It drains us of the resilience, hope and determination actually required to overcome what life has thrown our way. We have to remember that we are so much tougher and more capable than we give ourselves credit for in those dark moments.

Resilience is like a muscle that can be progressively strengthened through practice. Every setback, obstacle or heartbreak we’ve moved through in the past is evidence that we have an incredible reserve of fortitude inside us. We’ve survived 100% of our worst days and most painful experiences to make it to the here and now.

When the going gets tough again, that’s the grit we need to call upon. We have to make a conscious choice to have faith in our resilience rather than resigning to despair. To draw inspiration from how we’ve coped with adversity before and trust that we will endure this new struggle as well.

A key part of building lasting resilience is having supportive lifelines to turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed or tempted to quit. This could mean relying on a counselor, coach or mentor who brings objectivity and can bolster your motivation. It could mean joining a community of people walking similar paths who can empathize with your situation.

Faith in the divine, surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, provide a compassionate listening ear, and remind you of the strength they see in you can be an immense help when your own confidence is shaken. Their caring accountability keeps you taking steps forward.

It’s also wise to cultivate practices that steadily nourish and replenish your well of resilience on an ongoing basis, not just in hardship. Things like daily gratitude, prayer or meditation can re-center you and provide perspective. Creative hobbies, exercise, comedy and music can revive your spirit. Self-care rituals like quality sleep and nutrition keep you fortified.

Because here’s what’s true – you are being guided through these challenges for a purpose. You’re being invited to excavate reservoirs of bravery, wisdom and inner might that may have laid dormant. It’s an opportunity to build heroic resilience in ways that will leave you inspired by your own courage on the other side.

So when the storms of life inevitably hit, don’t be resigned to powerlessness or succumbing to the darkness of fear. Let each difficulty be a ritual of rebirth to unearth the phenomenal human resilience abiding within you all along. Brick by brick, you’re becoming more heroic than you yet know. Keep going.

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