the hibiscus whisper.

In the dappled sunlight of my office’s garden, a hibiscus flower captures the essence of life’s fleeting moments. Each morning, it unfurls its petals in a vibrant display of ephemeral beauty, a poignant reminder of the transient nature of existence.

Have you ever stopped to admire a hibiscus? Its broad petals boast a palette of blushing pink, while the center—a bold splash of crimson—holds a stamen that stretches outward, dusted with the gold of pollen. This majestic display is a magical artwork, yet, it’s destined to last for just a brief spell. The hibiscus blooms mightily for a day, maybe two, and then, with a grace that speaks volumes, they close their petals, and their time is over.

This natural cycle of the hibiscus is a mirror to our own lives. Like the flower’s brief day in the sun, we too have our moment—fleeting and precious. But in the hustle of everyday life, amidst the digital whirlpool of notifications and distractions, do we remember to embrace the limitedness of our existence?

Think of the last time you truly felt that you lived in the present. When was it? No matter at home or office. Think broadly over let’s say a span of last six months of your life. Can you recall the sensation of being utterly immersed in the now, without a thought for the past or the future? That’s what the hibiscus does every day. It does not lament the setting of the sun; it simply blooms with all its might, here, in the present.

Our resistance to life’s impermanence often manifests as suffering. We wish to hold on to things, to people, to moments, willing them to remain constant. But everything changes. The child grows and leaves the nest. The mirror reflects a version of ourselves that has evolved with time. Work brings challenges that test our sense of capability. When plans go awry, we feel the strain of unpredictability.

Yet, what if we drew inspiration from the hibiscus and its acceptance of the cycle of life? What if we saw the beauty in the passage of time, in the evolution of our lives? Could we not then appreciate the present with a more profound sense of joy and gratitude?

Embrace the lessons of the hibiscus. Let it teach you to cherish the moments you have. When you feel the weight of change, remember the flower’s effortless embrace of life’s rhythm. Consider the possibility that the very impermanence we fear is what lends beauty to our existence.

As you walk by a hibiscus, or any flower that catches your eye, allow yourself a moment to pause. Observe its beauty, knowing that it is here for just a short while. Let this knowledge not sadden you, but awaken you to the richness of the present. Like the hibiscus, may we too learn to make our days count, to fill them with life, to bloom where we are planted.

In the end, the hibiscus doesn’t just teach us about impermanence—it reveals the art of living. By accepting the transient, we can find true peace. By living in the moment, we can discover genuine happiness. Let the hibiscus’s tale be a gentle whisper to your soul: live fully, love deeply, and embrace the fleeting wonder of now.

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